Opening Reception: 02.23, 6:00 – 8:00 PM


小松美羽(1984- )は長野県坂城町に生まれ、2004年に女子美術短期大学を卒業。銅版画からそのキャリアをスタートさせ、何度めかのニューヨーク滞在中に絵画に開眼します。小松が最も好むモチーフである神獣、とりわけ狛犬は日本の神社でよく見られるものです。小松は日本の歴史や地域に根ざした狛犬の多様性を描きますが、それは日本へたどり着くまでの狛犬の遍歴、様々な大陸を渡り歩き、それぞれの文化に適応しながら姿を変えてきたという事実に根ざしています。小松はごく若いころから「もののけ」(精霊)や「妖怪」と関連したテーマを掘り下げ、モチーフに没頭し格闘してきました。奇怪で幻想的な神獣たちは威嚇するように見えながら同時にユーモラスであり、ダイナミックでありながら繊細。小松の絵画はアイディアと技術の幸福な融合であり、現代において鷹揚かつ緻密な線描画を花開かせたと言えます。そのタフで不屈の精神には心踊らされるものがあります。

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Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00

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Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1984, Komatsu graduated from Joshibi University of Art & Design, where she serves as a visiting lecturer. She is also a visiting lecturer at Tokyo University of The Arts. Komatsu's journey to becoming a professional artist began due to overwhelming praise for her copperplate engraving titled "49 Days", crafted while she was still enrolled at Joshibi University. Although she began her career with copperplate engraving, her oeuvre has expanded to incorporate acrylic paintings and works rendered in Arita porcelain. She is best known for her depictions of animal-like "Divine Spirits", which she creates with an abundance of expressive power. Having delivered a shock to the Japanese art world and earned a good reputation amongst overseas art critics, Komatsu is considered one of Japan's most promising young artists. Career Highlights: 2014: "SHIN FUDOKI" dedicated at Izumo Grand Shrine, Izumo 2015: Works made with Arita porcelain Guardian lion dogs displayed at Chelsea Flower Show; subsequently included in Permanent Collection of the British Museum, London 2016: "The Origin of Life" purchased by private collector for display at the World trade Center, New York 2017/18: Holds exhibitions in Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan, set new records in terms of both audience mobilization and sales. 2019: VR artwork "INORI", created in conjunction with a world-renowned VR content company HTC VIVE ORIGINALS from Taiwan. , nominated for VR( Virtual reality section ) at the 76th Venice International Film Festival 2020: Designs official T-shirt for "24-Hour TV" charity television marathon 2021: "Next Mandala: Home of Soul" unveiled at The New Context Conference 2021, Tokyo