Whitestone Gallery Beijing is pleased to present “Invisible Dimension” from 6 July to 3 August 2024 by Masayuki Tsubota (b.1976), Riyoo Kim (b.1980), and Manji Madara (b.1988). They combine their unique yet traditional artistic language with a contemporary context, expressing a profound understanding of matter, nature, and time. This expands the audience's perception of art and the world.

"Invisible Dimensions" explores those layers and dimensions that are not easily seen or understood directly. These works, using natural materials, modern technology, and traditional crafts, guide the audience into a way of perception and thinking that transcends appearances, revealing the emotions, memories, and philosophies hidden beneath the surface of matter.

Masayuki Tsubota 's works skillfully combine wood, stone, and mineral pigments to create dynamic images with wavering colors and textures. These natural materials blur and erode within the artwork, forming a unique visual effect. Through the fusion and transformation of these natural materials, Tsubota's works evoke a sensory resonance in the audience, sparking profound associations with forgotten memories and sensitive realms. This exploration goes beyond the visual level, delving into perception and emotion, attempting to reveal the invisible dimensions hidden behind everyday life.

Riyoo Kim's ceramic art oscillates between art and craft, blending elements from science fiction films, street culture, and Japanese tea ceremonies. Inspired by modern tenmoku teaware, his works are characterized by a unique visual effect with golden textures and rainbow glazes. These ceramic pieces are not just a visual feast but also an exploration of intangible concepts like "invisible matter" and "self." By combining modern tea ceremonies and ceramic creation, Riyoo Kin strives to create artworks that will endure for millennia, revealing the hidden dimensions of time and existence.

Manji Madara uses the traditional Japanese metalworking technique "mokume-gane" to create simple yet modern three-dimensional sculptures. His work "Uncoverd Cube" features cubes that appear similar in shape but actually possess subtle differences, representing the diverse facets and nature of humanity. These sculptures explore the complexity of human nature and the essence of materials, revealing the limits and coexistence of different materials—soft and hard, rigid and flexible—through the forging process. This presentation of multiple perspectives and the exploration of material fusion limits reflect the artist's profound contemplation of the essence of human nature, unveiling the invisible dimensions within humanity and matter.


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