Flamboyant and Fluid Sculptures by Stefania Vichi


Stefania Vichi

Whitestone Gallery H Queen's Hong Kong is exhibiting works by Italian artist Stefania Vichi who is known for her boundary-pushing forms and vivid colors. While preserving the traditional presentation of fine art, Vichi's fluid and exquisite pieces break out of the boundaries of the canvas frames and profoundly touch the audience. Her artwork offers a distinctive approach to the medium, sure to intrigue those who appreciate unconventional forms.

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong / H Queen’s

"LEX ITALICA", Embodying the "New Baroque"

Stefania Vichi “Lex Italica- ed. Medici LIM6/2021”, 2021, resin, polychloroprene, canvas, industrial paint, 85.0 × 115.0cm

With its fluidity, the "LEX ITALICA" series is the symbolic work of Vichi. Characterized by its undulating forms, the sculptural creations manifest a new renaissance inspired by the Baroque style she has seen in the antique shops from childhood, as well as Niccolò Machiavelli’s philosophy on "The Cyclical Nature of History" in which he indicated “All times return because men are always the same."

Stefania Vichi, From Lawyer to Artist

Stefania Vichi

Stefania Vichi was born in 1986 in Castello, Italy. She graduated from the University of Perugia Department of Law and became a lawyer. However, she has always been drawn to art and she has been doing classical dance at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Her artistic career began in earnest in 2015 when she approached large-scale art production.

“Before, I was a lawyer, but my spirit was always involved with art. I have always loved art, so in 2015, I decided to make it my work. Seven years ago, I started to produce LEX ITALICA, my first big opera, for a Milan architect commission. The commission asked me to increase one of my previous small opera. From that first experience, I have grown as an artist, and I have started to have many national and international exhibitions”.

Despite not having a lengthy career in art, she has already gained widespread recognition, participating in exhibitions in Naples, Liverpool, Florence, and other locations. In 2019, she was selected as an emerging artist by the Modigliani Scientific Research Foundation in the MOOVART project, which has led to further exhibitions and commissions. She has also been a finalist in several art competitions, including ROMART 2019 and EXIBART PRIZE 2020. In 2021, she presented at a collective exhibition at Palazzo La Pietà during Venice Biennale. Her talent has been widely acknowledged and she continues to make a name for herself in the art world.

Performance “Forme nel Verde 2022 “Horti Pacis”, San Quirico d’Orcia in Tuscany, Italy

The Golden 25 minutes

Stefania Vichi in production

The "LEX ITALICA" series suggests sculptural excellence by going back in time and re-proposing the drapery of classical paintings, most of which are made of fabric.

Stefania Vichi in production

Once the base fabric of the artwork is selected, the artist soaks both the canvas and fabric in bicomponent ecological resin. The process is similar to tailoring a custom-made garment, where the artist continuously and intuitively arranges the material in the best position for the artwork. The resin sets in a matter of minutes, so the artist must work within a limited time frame. This technique creates a marble-like effect, which reminds one of the Baroque periods. It evokes a contemporary revival of the Baroque movement.

“My work is about putting the malleable fabric following the specific movements made by full and empty space. In this way, I create a Baroque light and shadow effect. I'm controlled by my eyes. When they find the perfect shape, they stop my hands. I have not so much time for deciding how to give the shape in 25 minutes”.

Stefania Vichi in production

“LOADING ART", To Recharge for Art

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong / H Queen’s

At Whitestone Gallery, in addition to the artist's iconic series, a series titled "LOADING ART" is also exhibited. This interesting artwork is prepared to "treat" the contemporary Savonarolas. The infusion of "VANITAS", a universal remedy filled with love for beauty and art, into the pillars that support the artwork. It suggests that by experiencing art, rich sensitivity will overflow in the viewer.

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong / H Queen’s

“my work is about "what is art?" It depends on the point of view and the impact of it on the viewers. Art is for everyone. An Art needs has always been present in human history. Art is not a VIP topic. Instead, it is a concept for everybody.”

Stefania Vichi

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