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Null 1965 Exhibition

In 1965, Gutai's fame was spreading in Europe, and Jiro Yoshihara was invited to participate in an exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he traveled there with his second son Michio, a member of Gutai. The exhibition refused to show paintings, and only three-dimensional works and other new fields that had never been exhibited before were requested. Yoshihara exhibited nine works that had been well received at the open-air exhibition and two new works by Michio. The exhibition featured the new European avant-garde groups "Null," "Zero," and "Gutai“. The exhibition impressed the audience with the uniqueness of Gutai's work and positioned them as an outstanding avant-garde art group, unique but contemporary.
At the same time, it stimulated the younger members to create their own works, giving rise to a variety of ideas, and triggering a return from painting to the experimental work of the early years of the group.




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