AZUKI FURUYA: Sacred Contours

Ginza New Gallery

2024.05.31 - 06.22 | Opening reception 06.01 16:00- Special collaboration Glitch Coffee × Whitestone Gallery

Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition “Sacred Contours” by Azuki Furuya.

Azuki Furuya, a mixed media artist, studied in Tokyo and New York. While adopting two-dimensional form of canvas, she breathes dynamic new life into the depicted objects as well as exposes the fragility of existence by making full use of layered structures which are made of techniques like sanding and collage. The creative process of layering itself can be equal to the act of “storytelling” by the artist.

《A Paradise You Shouldn't Peek into》2024, 112.0 × 145.3cm

For this exhibition, Furuya focuses on female images, especially on the representation of “nude women”. Come to think of it, there is no other genre than “nude women” which has been stimulating creative motivations of the artists as a place of acceptance. From Ancient period through the Renaissance up to modern times, “nudes” have been transformed the way of appearance reflecting upon religions, the world of myth, customs, and economic condition of each era. Now that the thought of feminism has become familiar with us and the development of social medias have made it extremely easy to spread self-images by ourselves, how can the portrait of women not to speak of nude women maintain the dignity as art and the eroticism which is linked inextricably in it? While paying homage to many modern masterpieces of nude women, Furuya challenges to unseen contours of life.

《A Venus Who Broke the Rules》2024, 97.0 × 130.3cm

Furuya calls the residue of materials floating on the surface as “ashes” considering them as an inevitable element that completes the full cycle of “birth-death-rebirth”. And this cycle continues ad infinitum.

《Alter Ego》2024, 130.3 × 97.0cm



Azuki Furuya is a mixed media artist based in Tokyo.She studied art in Tokyo and London, then graduated with an MFA from Brooklyn College in 2019. After drawing the composition from a photograph, she builds it up with layered bits of colored paper and fragments of the photograph, then meticulously sands down the papered surface until it is exposed like a derelict billboard, and paints inside and around the contours. The patterns and colors are derived from their backgrounds, the layers become geological formation of their lives, shaved layers express vulnerability and weakness and lastly coloring empowers the subject and work.

AZUKI FURUYA: Sacred Contours
2024.05.31 - 06.22

Special collaboration
Glitch Coffee Ginza X Whitestone Gallery

At Glitch Coffee Ginza's Ginza location, visitors can immerse themselves in the artistry of Azuki Furuya through a display of her refined drawing works. The space seamlessly blends art and coffee culture, offering a unique ambiance that captivates the senses. During the exhibition, limited edition tasting cards featuring Furuya's artworks will be available, accompanied by flavor profiles describing coffee beans from various origins (available with select menu items). We invite you to elevate your coffee experience and explore the enchanting world of art at the same time.

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Opening Reception

2024.06.01 16:00-

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