Whitestone Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition titled ‘PRIME IGNITION POINT’ for five young artists from MFA program of National Taiwan University of Arts. It will start from May 26 to June 17, 2018 at Whitestone Gallery ZhongXiao space. After the successful opening of Whitestone Gallery’s first location in Taipei, within Neihu district in April 2017, we soon followed up with a second space in downtown Zhongxiao W. road at the end of the year. In spring 2018, Whitestone Gallery opened a flagship space in Central Hong Kong at H Queen’s where the most prestigious international galleries are gathered. In the past one year, Whitestone Gallery Taipei and Hong Kong not only exhibited our represented Japanese artists’ works, we also presented several significant artists from America, Germany, Italy and China. We continuously seek to cooperate with brilliant artists around the world, and that certainly applies to talented Taiwanese artists as well. The inaugural exhibition last year was titled ‘I LOVE TAIWAN’, it not only expressed Mr. Koei Shiraishi’s love for Taiwanese friends and his confidence in the Taiwanese art market, but is also a gesture to show his continual interest in the development of the art industry in Taiwan. ‘PRIME IGNITION POINT’ is the first exhibition that Whitestone Gallery exhibits Taiwanese artists’ works from national art school. It is the first step for us to support Taiwanese art environment by showing its wonderfulness and diversity. ‘PRIME IGNITION POINT’ is organized by Professor Huang Hsiao-Yen, Head of Fine Arts Department from National Taiwan University of Arts. Five young artists from the master’s program are selected for the exhibition, including: Wu Tzen-Wei, Lin Jheng-Kun, Chen Tzung-Liang, Wen Ching-Hao and Huang Shan-Pei. Artists can easily overblow their ideas in this overwhelming society, but these five young artists choose to transform their perception onto the canvas sincerely and humbly, but still full of energy. These artists, born between 1993-1995, grew up in a highly technological and information explosive era. People seem to be controlled by the messages popping up from various monitors, the information seems to change rapidly however, it is in fact very much the same. They compare people to washing machines, which keep turning around unconsciously. The artists continuously reflect on the connection between themselves and the society. The name ‘PRIME IGNITION POINT’ indicates their high sensitivity towards their surroundings can easily trigger the prime ignition point of their creativity and bring new sparkles by means of art.

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