Whitestone Gallery Taipei (Neifu) is pleased to announce “Japanese Contemporary Ink Exhibition---Back to Originality and Simplicity” on view from January 12 to March 24, 2019. Curated by independent curator Ms. Yuling Wang, the exhibition will be separated into two parts. Originated in China, ink art has become not only a cultural code of Asia but also a symbol of Eastern aesthetics. Deeply influenced by Chinese painting, Japanese ink art began in the Kamakura Era (1185-1333). This exhibition “Back to Originality and Simplicity” focuses on the development of Japanese contemporary ink art from postwar to contemporary. The works from these periods are commonly characterized by the avoidance of heavy color and figurative landscape. Breaking the tradition by its “shade and shadow” effect, the simple line and brushstroke of ink create an abstract space to express Japanese spirituality. PART 1 of the exhibition includes: the rustic works of Takeo Yamaguchi consist an unmoving strength, making him the pioneer of Asian monochrome art in the 1970s. As represent figure of simple yet powerful expression, Yuichi Inoue’s calligraphy harnessed the spirit of vigor and passion. Inspired by the vitality of nature, the pure abstractions are fully expressed in the paintings of Shiho Fujiwara. The technique of erasing-print by Kiro Uehara has composed space, flowing objects and repetitive consciousness. In search of peaceful and quiet state of the world, Yuuna Okanishi sincerely put her soul into the works. The silver lines in her new series “Blue Song" act as a shape of shark which swims gracefully in the ocean, expressing the importance of animal and environmental protection. Represented artists: Takeo Yamguchi, Yuichi Inoue, Shiho Fujiwara, Kiro Uehara, Yuuna Okanishi

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