Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present “Intermixture Vol.2”, a sequel to the first “Intermixture” group exhibition in 2017. Following the idea from the first edition that the artists are using various materials and textures to form their unprecedented expressions, merging the boundary between paintings and sculptures, the second edition will also present these characteristics, and at the same time we encourage the viewers to find connections and new interpretations in their own ways. From motives, materials, techniques, colors and forms, there are elements that interweave with each other, creating sensations and space for thoughts for the viewers. The exhibition will feature works by Tadaaki Kuwayama, Yuko Nasaka, Jiang Miao, Masayuki Tsubota and Kim Deok Han.

Tadaaki Kuwayama (Japan / United States, b.1932)
Born in Nagoya, Japan, Tadaaki Kuwayama graduated from Japanese Painting Department at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1958, and he moved to New York in search of a more avant-garde presentation of art. He is recognised as one of the pioneers of the Minimalism movement in the 1960s in the US, and his works are shown alongside works by Donal Judd and Frank Stella at that time. “Ideas, thoughts, philosophy, reasons, meanings, even the humanity of the artists, do not enter my work at all. There is only the art itself. That is all.” says Kuwayama.

Yuko Nasaka (Japan, b.1938)
Yuko Nasaka is one of the few female members in the Gutai Art Association (1954 – 1972), and she is also one of the key members in the second generation of Gutai that focuses on materials and the relationship between canvas and space. Nasaka’s highly original works are made in the manner she developed on her own – she mixed lacquer, plaster, clay and glue together, and converted a mechanical turntable in order to form circular shapes with distinctive patterns. While she consistently creates circles over the years and they have become the symbol of her work, they are open to many possible interpretations and imaginations.

Jiang Miao (China, b.1981)
Graduated from Print-making major at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, Jiang Miao experimented with oil and acrylic combining with carving techniques, and has built up her recognition with this style. Each of her works consists of more than twenty layers of colors that she applies according to the mood, the air and the sunlight at that moment, and by carving she unwraps an exclusive journey of time travelling. Elements on these multi-dimensional panels reveal themselves as various beings in the world, together they form a vivid energy, with which the artist hopes to enlighten the viewers.

Masayuki Tsubota (Japan, b.1976)
Masayuki Tsubota graduated from Fine Arts Department at Osaka University of Arts with a master degree in 2001, and since then he has established himself as a sculptor known for his simple and elegant forms with a sense of modernism as well as warmth of handicraft. He works primarily with woods, shapes them according to his knowledge on ancient architecture such as the structures of pagodas and temples, as well as his perceptions on human life, inserting ideas of strong and fragile, stability and vulnerability in his works. Together with the vibrant colors he painted with mineral pigments, he gives his works more textures and energy to the space as well.

Kim Deok Han (Korea, b.1981)
Started out his career as a restorer in a Buddhist temple, Kim Deok Han masters the use of lacquer and creates abstract works with meditative character by applying layers of colors carefully and repetitively. On each layer he uses sandpaper to polish the lacquers, therefore different colors reveal on the surface, resembling to each viewer’s personal experiences and memories. His technique also affiliates with various Eastern philosophy and practices, in their patterns and imagery making, narratives or spiritual motives.

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