WU SHUANG: Splendid Journeys


2024.03.02 - 04.03

Whitestone Gallery Beijing is pleased to present Wu Shuang’s (b.1986) solo exhibition held from 2nd March to 3rd April 2024. This exhibition will focus on Wu Shuang’s new works created in the last three years, inspired by recent journeys across seven countries: China, the U.S., Turkey, Nepal, Peru, Panama, and Ecuador.


Through her artistic creation, Wu Shuang hopes to capture the moments and feelings of this time, and apprehend the world’s environment and ambience, in particular the transience of light and life. She loves traveling and adventures, and has explored nearly 40 countries and 100 cities, absorbing a lot of artistic inspirations from all over the world. She senses the force of nature and the insignificance of human beings, whilst at the same time experiences rapid changes and inequalities in the world; she faces head-on the complex joys and sorrows of human emotions.

Wu Shuang’s works have a profound international perspective. She believes that art has no boundaries and can search for resonance in humanity. The images of her works are very intriguing, especially with purity and contrasting colors. She mixes a variety of bright colors which can be conflicting at first glance, but becomes harmonious when blended. Colorful and deliberate brushstrokes overflow on her canvases, covered by different shapes of light, and hidden forms of living creatures; her works are full of life and imagination. Moreover, her works bring emotional depth and breadth. Alongside the apparent freedom and openness, there is also rational order, which requires the artist’s rigorous and consistent self-discipline to complete her works.

Wu Shuang’s works epitomize her spirit of adventure, and reflect her pursuit for freedom and meaning of life.


WU SHUANG: Splendid Journeys
2024.03.02 - 04.03


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