Carefree Excursion

May 10, 2022


As Yi said, "If you pursue physics to the extreme, you will reach a high level of spirituality," the works in this exhibition, in which he entrusted his own thoughts to a "leopard," represent a kind of counterattack against contemporary society and contemporary art. Traveling freely in a space where reality and virtuality intersect, he attempts to look at the essence of human nature through the eyes of a " leopard," asking what civilization is and what wildness is. In this solo exhibition, approximately 20 new works with the leopard as the main motif are exhibited, interweaving the idea of "Xiao Yao You" by Zhuangzi.


If you look at it with feral eyes, you will realize something.

With a scent of beauty and danger, the leopard is a sensual and elegant creature. Quietly carrying a personality that can be two different extremes, the leopard has a wild charm that I find fascinating. Instead of one particular aspect of the leopard, I like everything about them.

Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi's "Carefree Excursion" begins with a legend of the “Kun Peng”, and unfolds into a grandiose idea of the universe. "Carefree Excursion" features mythical beasts like the Kun (a giant fish) and the Peng (a giant bird), as well as ordinary creatures like cicadas and turtle doves. From the perspective of Zhuangzi's “Qiwulun” (Equality of Things), it would not have been surprising if a leopard were to appear  . Since ancient times, the leopard has been the subject of interest in literature, as exemplified by the Chinese proverb "wise men are quick to adapt  like a leopard. A fool never does".

Painting is a human instinct, and instinct is the will of God.

But I am in fact not particular about leopards, but rather I paint them because I do not want to be particular. In any case, an artist's dream is to let their hearts play to their desires in this infinite universe. I think one should simply paint whatever one feels or wants to express, but in reality, artists want to be more imaginative. An artwork may become more interesting with creative thinking, but if you put too much contrivance into it, you realize that it was better to have put no contrivance at all.

As Zhuangzi's "Carefree Excursion" puts it, “One must go with the way of the universe, become one with nature that unifies all things. Enjoy a carefree life without worries or impediments, and experience a free and happy mind”.

Let us learn from leopards, become a leopard, and freely explore an unimaginable world together with leopards.

Painting leopards is a mysterious experience that frees your mind.


But I am still envious of leopards.




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