Mainland China's First Gallery Space Opens in Beijing 798 Art District


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Whitestone Gallery is thrilled to announce its inaugural space in mainland China, located in Beijing's renowned 798 Art District, on May 27, 2023. Nestled within the city's vibrant art and cultural hub, Whitestone Gallery aims to deliver a series of thoughtfully curated exhibitions in the days to come. Our vision is to serve as a bridge, fostering a profound connection between art and individuals while facilitating meaningful artistic exchanges across regions.

Founded in the heart of Tokyo in 1967, Whitestone Gallery has emerged as a trailblazer in the Japanese art gallery scene. Building upon this foundation, Whitestone extended its artistic footprint by venturing into dynamic Asian art hubs. With gallery spaces in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore, Whitestone awaits its highly anticipated debut in Beijing while also setting its sights on a forthcoming space in Seoul.

Whitestone Gallery Beijing image

Also collaborating closely with acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who aims to seamlessly integrate Whitestone Gallery into the fabric of each city, stating: "We think of a design in which Whitestone Gallery becomes a cohesive destination that powerfully embodies the city's identity at its core." With meticulous attention to aesthetics, the gallery aspires to embody the essence of its surroundings, effectively showcasing its philosophy and vision for exhibiting modern and contemporary art.

Rooted in a steadfast mission to champion established artists while nurturing emerging talents from all corners of the world, Whitestone aims to solidify its position as an international influencer and expand its global market and influence.

Whitestone Gallery Beijing image

Whitestone Gallery Beijing
Grand Opening Exhibition – We Love China

Part 1: 27 May – 17 June 2023
Part 2: 24 June – 15 July 2023
Address: Seven Star St. (E), 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing Space Opening Event
date: May 27, 2023
Time: 2ー5pm (GMT+8)
Sign in: 1:30pm (GMT+8)

Grand Opening Exhibition – We Love China


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