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Gutai Journal

One of the first things Yoshihara undertook after forming Gutai was to publish a bulletin. From the very beginning, the group was formed with the intention of developing international activities, and the importance of disseminating information to the entire world along with domestic announcements was considered.
For the first issue of the journal, a second-hand printing press given to him by Yozo Ukita was installed at Shozo Shimamoto's house, and all printing and bookbinding was done by the members. The first issue was printed in 500 copies and sent to countries all over the world, so the text is available in both English and Japanese. Basically, the pages are composed of photographs of works and writings by Gutai artists. Gutai Journal was published from No. 1 to No. 14, with No. 10 and No. 13, which were not published, making a total of 12 issues. Some of them are not simply art books, but rather exhibitions in book form, and some of them are made with an emphasis on materiality, which is a pioneering approach to artist books (books as works of art).




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