The torrent in seconds: Kisho Kakutani, Yudai Takeuchi

Ginza New Gallery

2024.04.27 - 05.25 | Opening Reception 04.27 16:00-

Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the duo exhibition “The torrent in seconds” featuring Kisho Kakutani and Yudai Takeuchi.

By introducing noise-like elements resembling "frosted glass" and a "curtain" between the realistic landscapes in the background and the viewers, Kisho Kakutani develops unique artistic idioms. These idioms encourage us to immerse ourselves further into imagination, exploring our ambiguous reality in which clamor and silence are oddly synchronized.

With "standing in awe of getting old" as his underlying theme, Yudai Takeuchi reveals the dynamism wriggling inside human beings through bold brushstrokes and a delicate sense of coloration. His frequent use of "black" transcends the realm of color, eroding our visual sense as if it were a motif suggesting a modulation in music.

Though their styles are completely different, we can derive from the two artists a suggestion of unexpected cracks hidden in everyday life, which can also be interpreted as an "alert to our inertia of overlooking.

When the moment is cut out, the story begins. 

From the “uneven ordinariness” extracted by the two unusual talents, innumerable spacetime journeys arise.

We cordially invite you to come and explore the abyss of daily life you have never seen before.

Frosted Window #79, 2024, 130.3 × 162.0 cm



Kisho Kakutani defines his creation as "the tool that allows people to imagine." Depictions resembling the "frosted glass" in the "Frosted Window series" and the "curtain" in the "Curtain series" function as "noise," where the work and the gaze of others intertwine. This sense of incompatibility stimulates the viewer's imagination; conversely, it evokes scenes in their mind's eye and forms a unique "reality" that each one holds. Kakutani's landscapes, which embrace ambiguity by using the blurred characteristics of snapshots or adopting mediums with high water content, quietly capture the viewer's everyday life while simultaneously hinting at the ongoing state of Japan at its core.

Born in Kobe in 1993, Kakutani completed the doctoral course in Japanese Painting at the graduate school of the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2022 (Ph.D. in Fine Arts). He currently works as an assistant at his alma mater the Department of Japanese Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts.

Selected Exhibitions:
Duo Exhibition by Kisyo Kakutani & Yudai Takeuchi “The torrent in seconds”
(Whitestone Ginza New Gallery, Tokyo)

Solo Exhibition “White Night” (Courtyard HIROO, Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “At Once Mediums and Protective Walls” (Ginza Tsutaya Book Store, Shikisaisha Gallery, Tokyo)
ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA2023 (Shikisaisha’s booth)
ART FAIR TOKYO (Shikisaisha’s booth)

The 30th Exhibition of Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation (Sato Museum, Tokyo)
A-TOM ART AWARD (Courtyard HIROO, Tokyo)
FACE 2021 Exhibition (Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo)

Selected Awards and Media Appearances:
Monthly “Art Collectors” featuring sold-out artists, February issue (Tomosha Publishing, 2024) / BS Fuji Television “Break Zenya-Next Generation Artists-#399” (2023) / A-TOM ART AWARD (2021) / FACE2021 Exhibition (2021) / The 46th Tokyo Sogakai Spring Exhibition Award (2020)

Interweaving Clarity and Ambiguity in Reality 

Kisho Kakutani Interview

A view of a lucid panorama interrupted abruptly by a faint overlay. This is the style of Kisho Kakutani, an artist who has garnered attention for his unique expressions that combine clarity and ambiguity. He is holding his first exhibition at the Whitestone Ginza New Gallery, and we interviewed him about his creative process. In our interview, Kakutani shares insights into his creative process, delving into the core question: "What is reality, and where does it exist?"

Read the Interview »

doubt, 2023, 73.0 × 91.0 cm



While attending an art preparatory school for two and a half years with the initial goal of enrolling in an art university, Yudai Takeuchi eventually chose a path of self-taught and self-launch. His primary production theme revolves around "standing in awe of getting old," by incorporating fragments of time and recollection into his work, he creates exquisite compositions that evoke a strong sense of dynamism and pulsation in the viewer. Known for his bold brushstrokes and a delicate yet vivid sense of coloring, Takeuchi pays particular attention to the connotative power and flexibility inherent in "black." By utilizing "black" as more than just a color, he effectively represents the inexorable flow of time that individuals cannot avoid confronting. Yudai Takeuchi's artistic realm stimulates multiple perspectives in the viewer, such as "the eyes for ephemeral/the wide picture" and "self-reflection/mutuality with others." Born in 2000, the artist currently resides and works in Saitama.

Selected Exhibitions:
Duo Exhibition by Kisyo Kakutani & Yudai Takeuchi “The torrent in seconds” (Whitestone Ginza New Gallery, Tokyo)
Group exhibition “Behind the Closet”(Shinjuku Ganka Gallery, Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “Initiation of El Nido”(Gallery Saikoha, Saitama)
Solo Exhibition “Sequence” (Gallery 33, Tokyo)
Group Exhibition ”Aap 2023 toward the future” (Roidworks Gallery, Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Watowa Art Award 2022” Finalist Exhibition
Solo Exhibition “Predilected Sunlight” (Gallery33)
Group Exhibition “SILENT RHAPSODY (THE blank GALLERY, Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Behind the Closet” (Shinjuku Ganka Gallery)

Selected Exhibitions & Media Appearances:
Monthly “The Window of Arts” (Tomosha Publishing, 2023) / BS Fuji Television “Break Zenya-Next Generation Artists-#351” (2022) / Finalist at “Watowa art award” (2022) / Illustrations for Yuma Mochizuki’s anthology of poems “Burning Garden, Stiffing River” (Shichosha Publishing, 2022)

An Autonomous and Catalytic "Black" that Highlights the Reality We Face

Yudai Takeuchi Interview

With bold, dancing brushstrokes and vivid colors that seem to embody the vitality emitted by the human body, Yudai Takeuchi instantly draws viewers into his inner world. His latest challenge is his first exhibition at the Whitestone Ginza New Gallery. Why has this young artist, born in the year 2000, embraced the theme of "the fear of aging," a universal sentiment that inevitably touches everyone? Furthermore, how did he develop his striking existential coloring style that resonates so deeply with viewers? We sat down with him to uncover the answers.

Read the Interview »

The torrent in seconds
2024.04.27 - 05.25

【Special Event】
In commemoration of the exhibition, "The torrent in seconds," Whitestone has commissioned Kisho Kakutani and Yudai Takeuchi to create new works inspired by their impressions on the first day (April 27th), with the common creative theme of "the presage and the reminiscence." As part of the exhibition period, a completion event will be held on May 18th (free admission/exhibition and sale).

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Opening Reception

2024.04.27 16:00-

Guest Performance  (on May18th): Improvisation of solo violin inspiredby the new works

Naoki Kita/Violin
After studying at the Kunitachi College of Music, Naoki Kita deepened his knowledge of compositions and arrangements firstly at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), England, then, playing methods of Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, Argentine. His graduation work of composition at LIPO was premiered by the “Ensemble 10:10”, consisting of selected members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. His teacher of Argentine tango was Fernando Suárez Paz, a leading figure in the Argentinian music scene, and who is also known worldwide as a violinist of Astor Piazzolla Quintet. After coming back to Japan, Naoki Kita participated in projects of the pioneers of Argentine tango in Japan like Koji Kyotani and Ryota Komatsu as well as the progressive rock group “Salle Gaveau” led by Natsuki Kido (gt). As a member of Salle Gaveau, Kita appeared in international venues like “Rock in Opposition Festival” (France) and “Mosaic Music Festival” (Singapore) including several European tours in its activities. In 2009, the encounter with the deceased Tetsu Saito, the great contrabass player, triggered Kita to expand his sphere of expression to improvisational music. He experienced sessions with many first-class musicians beyond borders like Michel Doneda (sax), Barre Phillips (cb), Jean Sasportes (dance), Tobias Delius (sax), Tristan Honsinger (vc), Roger Turner (dr), Shunichiro Hisada (Japanese small hand dr. & voice), and Kazue Sawai (five strings koto), to name a few. Currently, he is performing focused on improvised music and original compositions. Especially, “Naoki Kita Quartette,” which incorporates various elements like improvisation, contemporary music, free jazz, and noise into tango, has been highly acclaimed for its originality and spirituality. Besides, he is working on wide-ranging activities such as “Naoki Kita Tango Quartette,” “Naoki Kita Trio,” a duo with Kyoko Kuroda (pf), the group “Farha” based on classical Arabic music led by the pioneering oud player Yuji Tsunemi, and a reading project with novelist Nobuko Takagi. In 2017, he released a duo album “Contigo en la Distancia” with Nobumasa Tanaka (pf), in which he used gut strings pursuing sound quality, won the Grand-Prix at the 24th Professional Music Recording Awards. Naoki Kita has released 13 original albums so far, and he has been considered the most cutting-edge violin player in Japan.

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