Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, “Vanity of vanities“ by Osamu Watanabe. Watanabe is known for sublimating sweets decoration into art. Lots of whipped cream covering; a skull decorated with colorful fruits; famous impressionist paintings; stuffed deer and so on. Lovely works at first sight, however, once they occupy the space as a mass, they begins to show its grotesque. It can be said that the excessively decorated various motifs reflect vanity in a man of today. This exhibition is consisted of a motif of “vanity”. Words from the Old Testament is also cited, expressing new “Vanitas” by sweets. We cordially invite you to come visit this precious opportunity.

Ginza New Gallery


6-4-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

Tel: +81 (0)3 3574 6161

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Monday

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Since 2000, Osamu Watanabe has been working in the field of "Fake Cream Art" which he defines as a new genre that makes full use of fake food to create decorative, edible-looking treats on various motifs. His mother used to teach at a confectionary school which has inspired all things sweet since his childhood. With a pastry bag as his paintbrush, the combination of artificial food and fine art enables him to create long-lasting pieces that transform the familiar into a brand-new context. He has transformed famous masterpieces (Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Kano Eitoku) into delectable reproductions using modeling paste and wax. Other tasteful renditions include animal sculptures, Greek sculptures, landscape paintings, and world heritage sites. Watanabe's works have appeared on television, exhibitions at department stores, along with collaborations in animations, and beauty salons, making him accessible to people who are unfamiliar with the art. 
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