Ginza New Gallery

2023.03.10 - 04.01


“Inokuma Blue”, one of the representative colors of Katsuyoshi Inokuma, is brimmed with deep tranquility. Sure, it is blue, but it contains astonishingly diverse colors and forms inside. For the artist, “form” is neither concrete shape nor materiality: rather, it is an inexhaustible spatial possibility. Paintings are not the result of depiction that the eyes perceive in the real world, but the revelation of porousness, which is usually hidden in the abyss of space-time.
Traces of various colors blurred on the profound surface, exquisite usages of mediums which expand spatial reality, and absolute unique matières create countless flexible images of “once-in-a-lifetime encounter” in response to the viewer’s unconscious mind. In this exhibition, the work from his debut period until today will be brought together in order that the viewers can trace the history of colors and forms, how they have intersected and shifted. Besides, the new frontier of “Inokuma Blue”, which incorporates the ultimate time-axis of “cardinal arrest” into a big canvas, will be open to the public.


There is a growing desire in me to take on new challenges where I can express myself more freely in my paintings.

As you can see from my paintings, although they are abstract expressions, I have consistently considered them figurative when occupying space. I don't want my paintings to be a plain wall when displayed. That's why the expressions are abstract, but I strongly feel they should be concrete representations of space.


2023.03.10 - 04.01

Ginza New Gallery

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