DEBBIE REDA: Make a wish

Ginza New Gallery

2023.05.19 - 06.10


Debbie Reda's works are noted for their flat and bold colors. Known for her little monsters turned into children, with an angelical appearance but mischievous at the same time. Her work tends to idealize childhood, in which the playful way of learning and observing is enhanced. Focused more on emotions, the artist looks for a way to preserve the innocence of childhood through memory and playfulness. Using the aesthetic conventions of cartoons, and children's book illustrations, she shares interpretations and memories with the viewer.

For this exhibition “Make a wish”, Reda incorporates more “kawaii” aspects inspired by Japanese culture into her palette of colors. The visitor will be able to find an interesting exchange of culture and traditions in different objects and its meaning. Indeed, wonder of re-combination of the contexts is one of the best parts of her art. A series of works in which almost imperative wishes are expressed, such as “I wish you…. LOVE ME or FOLLOW ME” or thought clouds with endless lists of material things like “the ones a child might ask for”.

Given the optimism and positivism that Debbie Reda always maintains in her works, the artist herself affirms that “ cannot make a wish and wait for chance to do its thing. To dream there are no limits. And if you really, really want something and you work hard, with love and dedication, your wish will come true”.


If you wish something and work hard you can get it" -like children, people endlessly repeat things, wishes or words and they don`t stop to think about what their meaning is. We will probably never know what “HAPPINESS” itself is, but we want it and we know when we feel it. This is where I open the window to the visitor, I share the phrases as an imperative that opens to complicity and reflection.

Debbie Reda


DEBBIE REDA: Make a wish
2023.05.19 - 06.10

Ginza New Gallery

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