October 22 - December 10, 2022


As a representative of “The Fighters,” TENMYOUYA has consistently depicted heroic images in the history and context of Japanese art, from the raging gods of the mythical world, armored warriors, Edo knights, and modern Sentai heroes. BASARA was originally the social trend of the Northern and Southern Dynasties in Japan; it referred to a kind of rebellion in the Warring States period. BASARA is a genealogy of gorgeous and destructive beauty that is the opposite of wabi, sabi, and zen, which are the representatives of Japanese culture. TENMYOUYA’s aesthetics of BASARA presents the dialogue between the tradition and the contemporary. The beautiful decorative style and imposing rebellious power can be seen from works such as Sword God, Spear God, and Japanese Spirit No.18.


The “CORE” series not only embodies the world of TENMYOUYA, but it also injects new life into the BASARA aesthetics. In his new abstract painting series “CORE,” there is a somewhat sci-fi image of colors being sucked into or expelled from the black hole. The “CORE” series is also conceived as a new genealogy following Japanese abstract art represented by Gutai and Mono-ha. including the Circle by Jiro Yoshihara, Ukiyo-e by Hokusai Katsushika, the explosion scene in the anime AKIRA, and Pixel Dots in the digital era are sources of inspiration. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the global epidemic of the coronavirus that began in 2019, TENMYOUYA’s new series “CORE” draws empty circles of unprecedented turmoil such as premonitions of collapse and dimensional rifts.

Hana 1.2.3

A set of three paintings created in the image of an altarpiece common in Western art. The central painting features a person whose head is vanishing into a hole, while the left and right paintings represent other dimensions with black holes that are overflowing with various colors. This triptych style is an exhibition method commonly used by Tenmyouya.

Blood, Ha - Break, Mirror

The left painting "Blood" and the right painting "Mirror" were created in 2014. "Blood" was inspired by the idea of God creating man from the dust of the ground. "Mirror" represents the sun or the mirror, one of the Three Sacred Treasures in Shinto. The central painting "Ha - Break" depicts a black hole or dimensional rift. This is just one of the many possible interpretations of the work. In his 2014 solo exhibition "Rhyme II", Tenmyouya arranged it with "Blood" on the left, "Brutal" in the center, and "Mirror" on the right. This time, he replaced "Brutal" with "Ha - Break", though they represent similar meanings.

Shi - Thought

One of the paintings in the new "CORE" abstract art series. The series represents a new lineage that follows from the Japanese abstract art of Gutai and Mono-ha, created in the extravagant style of “BASARA”. It was inspired by works such as Gutai leader Jiro Yoshihara's "Circle", Gutai member Atsuko Tanaka's "Electric Dress", Hieronymus Bosch's altarpieces, Katsushika Hokusai's "A Tour of the Waterfalls", the explosion scenes in the "AKIRA" manga, as well as pixel art.


October 22 - December 10, 2022


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