“Spring is like a newborn baby, his whole body growing. Spring is like a little girl gorgeously dressed, walking with a smile. Spring, like a robust young man with the strong arms and waist and feet, leads us forward.” by Zhu Ziqing At the beginning of 2020, the world is not peaceful, but spring still came unflinchingly. With the weather warm and the flowers in full bloom, it is believed that the spring can bring the world back to life, according to the prose "Spring" by renowned essayist Zhu Ziqing. At this moment, Whitestone Gallery Taipei is honored to hold the group show titled "Spring Accent: Japanese Contemporary Art," which will display nine artists' paintings and sculptures full of vitality and spring air. Eggy, a cosmic creature conceived by Yoichiro KAWAGUCHI, is in all shapes and colors. The lacquer on its body is bright and tender with delicate color. Eggy in pink and cherry blossom patterns absorbs and reflects the energy of the earth in spring. Tatsuya NISHIMURA’s work series featuring cats, with bright composition and color, presents all kinds of cat's postures. Hanako KUNISHI, whose artwork revolving around cats, creates a unique and dynamic paintings with Nihonga to show the laziness of the cat. Nobuko WATABIKI depicts the characters on washi in a very simple form, expounding the innocent sensibility and the sorrow of nihility. The colorful epoxy resin appears in the hard and dull cement, which manifests strong vitality in adversity, by which ARTIST miu wishes to awaken the "hope" in modern people. The milky white animals and magical creatures created by Yoshimasa TSUCHIYA using traditional Buddhist carving techniques are soft in lines and delicate in textures, with the eyes decorated with crystal being mysterious and lifelike. Asa GO's piece is in a soft pink green with a dreamy atmosphere like a fairy tale in the early spring, while the rabbit in the painting reveals a touch of sadness and loneliness. Icco YOSHIMURA grew up with an interest in food, inspired by her family's business. The colorful ingredients and flowers in her paintings gleefully invite viewers to a visual spring feast. As the youngest finalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2019, Etsu EGAMI's extensive overseas study experience has made her re-ponder human communication models, abstract or not, depending on the distance between the viewer and the work. In response to the government's policy on epidemic prevention, there will be no opening reception of the exhibition. You are welcome to visit during the event. Represented artists: Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Tatsuya Nishimura, Nobuko Watabiki, Hanako Kunishi, ARTIST miu, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, Asa Go, Icco Yoshimura, Etsu Egami



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