Encounter: A Duo Exhibition by Sachiko KAMIKI and Yuyelai


October 29 - December 03, 2022


Whitestone Gallery is pleased to present a duo exhibition “Encounter” by Japanese young artists Sachiko KAMIKI (b.1991) and Yuyelai (b.1999). This is the first time for both artists to present together in an exhibition each exhibiting more than ten pieces of new artwork. KAMIKI and Yuyelai express their works from a third-person perspective with an atavistic approach to exploring human emotions and meaning in our existence. Figures on the canvases reflect the artist's ever-changing state of mind with those they've encountered; or themselves in the art journey.


KAMIKI’s new works depict figures in opaque black blocks dressed in hues of yellow, blue, and pink in emblematic mosaics. Compared with the artist’s previous bold-colored works, KAMIKI shows a matured progression in conveying rich emotions. Instead of direct-gazing subjects, figures are seated or standing as if beckoning spectators to interact.

Basically, I make my works with the hope that viewers will interpret and enjoy them as they wish.
This time, since there is a dual exhibition in the one room where "I" and "another artist" are present, I made the work with the "third person" (the motif character in the art work) in mind.
The human figure in the art work is not looking at us, but rather the viewers are looking at the person in the painting. I consciously created the work with this in mind. During the creation process, I repeatedly spent time drawing subjectively as I wished, and then objectively studying and inspecting the work. Although the human figures that I draw in my paintings are different from realistic people. I try to paint in the way that could convey the feelings and personalities of the people depicted on canvas as well as their facial expressions.

Sachiko Kamiki


Encounter: A Duo Exhibition by Sachiko KAMIKI and Yuyelai
October 29 - December 03, 2022


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