PHILIP COLBERT: Journey to the Lobster Planet - Taipei


2023.10.21 – 12.02

Whitestone Gallery Taipei is delighted to present the solo exhibition "Journey to the Lobster Planet - Taipei" by British artist Philip Colbert, showcasing a collection of new paintings and sculptures. The exhibition will run from November 21st to December 2nd. Additionally, we are pleased to announce our collaborations with BENTLEY Taipei, NOKE and Miracle Coffee Neihu, which will serve as additional display venues for the "Journey to The Lobster Planet -Taipei.”


I became an artist when I became a Lobster

Philip Colbert

Born in Scotland and living and working in London, Colbert is often referred to as the “godson of Andy Warhol”. Colbert has created a global following for his cartoon lobster persona and his masterful hyper pop history paintings. His work powerfully explores the patterns of contemporary digital culture and its relationship to a deeper art historical dialogue.

In ‘Journey to the Lobster Planet,’ Colbert develops his old master style works into the sci-fi world of his Lobstar Planet, where the lobster species battles over the future of the planet. Many of the works on the display use a fisheye effect on shaped canvas, giving them a comic book feel, and look to capture the tension between forces which is at the heart of life itself.

Colbert sheds light on the pivotal role that technology plays in shaping a digitally centred era for humanity and underscores the profound influence of art in this transformative landscape. Through his multimedia works, he pioneers a hyper-pop language, seamlessly fusing tangible real-world experiences with online communities.



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Bentley × Lobsters

NOKE × Lobsters

Miracle Coffee × Lobsters


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PHILIP COLBERT: Journey to the Lobster Planet - Taipei
2023.10.21 - 12.02


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