Coordinated by Whitestone Gallery and curated by professor KUO Bor-Jou, Dean of the College of Humanities and Arts at the National Taipei University of Education, the “Light Trail” is a group exhibition of six talents and future stars who are preparing their Master's Program at the University, including: TU Yuan-Li, CHEN Yu-Kai, CHEN Yi- Long, HSU Wei, LIU Shi-Ting, CHEN Yi-Jui. They start a dialogue between generations. If the world we lived in which “there is no time, but images.”(*1) A person's shape will be like a glimpse of shadows, the memories like scenes can be set and read with subtlety. A slice of the scene, the virtual reality, somehow like a painting, all the activities in the painting are the reflection of the entity, such as the Light Trail. TU Yuan-Li has long been engaged in the environment of theater and her paintings use body symbols to wander in the lights of theater consciousness as her main axis of creation. CHEN Yi- Long's “Garden of Flowers Series” absorbs the full aesthetic conservation into personal vocabulary, reflects the gorgeous brilliance of prisms”. HSU Wei explores the relationship between the photographer and the subject and the image often lingers between black and white. The sensory rotation of seeing and hearing in LIU Shi-Ting's lacquer paintings seems to pursue self for a lifetime. CHEN Yi-Jui's woven starry sky is the shadow of the past and the future. Initially, people were directed towards the cluster of light; in recent days, their eyes are on the glowing screen and communication and perception are the commonalities between the two. Through this exhibition, we will gather again to light up the illumination now and here. 1) Quote from “Einstein’s Dreams” by Alan Lightman, translated by DONG Yuan-fang

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