Whitestone Gallery Singapore is honoured to present the exhibition Whispers of the Wind by the Chinese artist duo Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin. This exhibition marks their largest and first-ever solo exhibition in the Southeast Asia region.

Born in 1980, both artists graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Li Wei specialised in sculpture, while Liu Zhiyin focused on fashion design. Their works result from their compelling artistic language; Li Wei represents the 'body', while Liu Zhiyin represents the 'form.' [The 'form' imbues the 'body' with essence, energy (qi), and spirit, intertwining the 'body' with the 'form']. Collaboratively, their work narrates themes on the beauty and grandeur of sculpture.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Oriental culture and incorporating contemporary sculptural experiences, they use visual forms to bring about transcendent spiritual insights. They work with colour trends used in fashion and the traces of sensations that can reach the soul through sight. They incorporate the temperament emitted by their sculptural language into the spirit of traditional Oriental culture and integrate current human experience into it. The poetic nature in their works reflects people's pursuit of ideals in modern times, stimulating communication and resonance between the viewers and the artworks.

In this thoroughly curated exhibition, not only will they be showcasing fifty over sculptures made in materials ranging from cast bronze and stainless steel, to white marble, but also reveal their ten latest creations for the first time. One of them being a monumental piece titled Soar to the Skies, which stands over 250cm tall. Graceful and majestic, this artwork marks the beginning of a new series for the duo.

In contrast to the calm materials and restrained colours, the sculptures of Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin are full of agility, allowing viewers to feel the atmosphere around their sculpted figures, as if experiencing the natural light, shadows, and flow of the wind. They invite viewers to join them in listening to the Whispers of the Wind.


39 Keppel Road, #05-03/06 Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065
+65 6223 3090
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Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Monday, Public Holiday
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Opening Reception

22 June 2024, 3:00pm *Artist will be present


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