Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce Yukiko Nishimura’s first solo exhibition, ‘YN’. Nishimura, who debuts as a contemporary artist in this show, is a well-known wedding dress designer who runs her own wedding dress brand, ‘Ar. YUKIKO’, in Japan. She has also been working as Japan’s official designer for Miss International; one of the Japanese finalists who won the international competition wore a dress designed by her.

Working as a dress designer has enabled her to understand the physical changes in women that are caused by pregnancies and miscarriages. These opportunities have led her to express various emotions and experiences around birth, especially the scene of birth itself, which cannot be showcased through dress designs.

While Nishimura attempts to represent ‘birth’ in art, she is highly esteemed as a calligrapher of ancient Kanji characters. Some new works based on ancient Kanji characters will also be on display. However, they are not just symbolic Kanji characters; Nishimura has infused them with her own interpretations to make them more powerful.

By developing thoughts on contradicting ideologies, such as the ancient and the contemporary, the east and the west, men and women, Nishimura has produced 30 artworks representing ‘the religious idea and view of life beyond gender gap’, which will be on show.
We cordially invite you to experience these unique artworks presented by Nishimura.

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Contemporary artist, Calligrapher, founder/representative of national wedding dress brand "A Nishimura". Yukiko Nishimura has been working as Japan's official designer of "Miss International" during 13 years. One of the Japanese finalists who wore the dress designed by Nishimura won the first prize in the world competition. Thus, Nishimura also established a solid position as fashion designer.
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