Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is delighted to announce the solo exhibition of Yuco Maruo “Slightly But Far Beyond”; this is her fifth solo presentation in Karuizawa. Yuco Maruo is an artist who creates fine textured, translucent white sculptures from plasticines. Taking advantage of her experiences in designing characters for clay animation, this time, Maruo further develops her visualization on something abstract and invisible in the spaces of Karuizawa New Art Museum. Exquisite forms, elaborated only by manual procedures according to her own tactile sensation, focus on representing ‘something arises from unexpected moments in everyday life; these forms are brimmed with feminine softness and elegance, and stimulates the viewers’ imagination by their incomprehensible uniqueness. Although the presented works are born ‘slightly but far beyond’ from intention of the artist, the exhibition space in which all those are brought together will also create another form as if it were an assembly in itself and introduce the visitor to a different special dimension. We cordially invite you to experience this precious opportunity. Yuco Maruo Born in Tokyo, graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College. After graduation, engaged in designing characters for clay animation. The artist has been creating ‘biological’ forms and suggesting viewpoints which remind us of a feeling of vitality and its fluctuation. Solo Exhibition 2013 “After Gooskanpi/ Yuco Maruo Exhibition” (Karuizawa New Art Museum) 2014 “Emochim/ Yuco Maruo Exhibition”, “Twin-tin-tick-luck! / Yuco Maruo Exhibition” (Karuizawa New Art Museum) 2015 “Wavering Garden/ Yuco Maruo Exhibition” (NEW ART LAB Ginza) 2016 “Jamnical Parramo Exhibition” in collaboration with Ristorante Pietrino “Bloom Exhibition” (Karuizawa New Art Museum), Solo Exhibition (Yagihashi Departement Store) 2017 “PULSE Exhibition” (Art Nagoya 2017 ) “Resonance Exhibition”(Art Sapporo 2017) 2018 “INTOPIA/ Yuco Maruo Exhibition” (Karuizawa New Art Museum) 2019 “Syn.” (Whitestone Gallery Taipei) Participated in many other Art fairs and group exhibitions both domestic and abroad.

Karuizawa Gallery2, 3


1F / KARUIZAWA NEW ART MUSEUM, 1151-5 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, 389-0102, Japan

Tel: +81 (0)267 46 8691

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (October – June) , 10:00 – 18:00 (July – September)
Closed: Monday

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