Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Wonderland” by Jun T. Lai. This is the travelling exhibition of same titled show held at the National Taiwan Art Museum from 28th October 2017 to 21st January 2018, as well as her first appearance at Karuizawa New Art Museum.

Established her base in Taipei, Jun T. Lai is recognized as one of the representative contemporary artists of Taiwan boasting more than 30 years’ artistic career. She devotes also herself on public art and her works are entered in the collection of public library, airport, national university, etc.
Lai’s consistent creational theme is juvenility and purity exploring the border between reality and irreality with her pure adventurous spirit. The idea of this exhibition “Wonderland” dates back to the New Year in 2000 when she saw the first sunshine of the year. Light-dark contrast of the sun and the sky completely overlapped with her concept of real-irreal border, according to the artist. What Lai pursues in this exhibition is to give a tangible form to the light and give coloring to it.

Lai believes that mother nature produced by the earth, sense of colors created by the artist, transparency generated by the matter of acrylic, and reflective, refractive, projective attribution of the light will open altogether the way to Wonderland. Wonderland is a surreal world brimmed with positive energy, where our heart is released at the full and we can free ourselves from the bondage of life.

We cordially invite you to come visit and experience the world of Jun T. Lai.

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