The language of rainbow strongly resonates with my present state of mind. Therefore, the rainbow has become my symbolic language of communication, which has gradually shown in my paintings.

—Etsu Egami

Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to present “Rainbow”, an exhibition of new paintings by Japanese artist Etsu Egami. This exhibition marks Egami’s second large exhibition in Japan with her new 34 works produced in 2020, continuing from “Your Name?” at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery in 2019.

Born in Chiba in 1994, Etsu Egami is currently PhD student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing and considered as an internationally renowned artist. She was selected as one of the young leading figures in the world by “Forbes 30 UNDER 30” (Forbes China) in 2020. Egami’s paintings are richly colored, uncomplicated compositions that contain a series of portraits that are simplified as translucent brushstrokes. They often hint at broader narratives — seemingly connecting with glitch, an interference of computer data — yet they are abstract and frequently contain a disparate and overlapping form. Though her art is highly refined and executed with considerable technical skill, Egami stresses the intuitive, deeply personal of how she works. The title that the artist names for her works are as well a game she plays with the audience, in which the unconventional black and brown were added to her palette, adding further layers of complexity and intrigue to the viewing experience.

We cordially invite you to this precious opportunity.


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