“CHIHULY: Whitestone Karuizawa 2021” will feature works by American artist Dale Chihuly created over the course of his 50-year career. The works in glass will evoke Chihuly’s experiments in light, space, and form.

from left to right: Dale Chihuly, Gilded Amber Ikebana with Coral Stem and Leaf, 1998 72 x 38 x 20″; Dale Chihuly, Clear Venetian with Sapphire and Amber Flowers, 2009 34 x 16 x 14″; Dale Chihuly, Pine Green Blanket Cylinder, 2010 14 x 8 x 8″

Highlights of the exhibition include Ikebana, inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement; Venetians, which are inspired by Art Deco Venetian vases; Seaforms, which use spiral wraps of color nodding to the natural fluidity and rhythm of the sea; and Cylinders, vessels which feature glass-thread drawings inspired by Native American textiles. Other works include Baskets, a series which recently celebrated 40 years; Persians, dramatic asymmetrical forms, patterns, and color with an ancient sensibility; and Chihuly’s Works on Paper, expressing the artist’s exuberant hand in sketching his glass sculptures.

With a focus on color, light, form, and space, Chihuly works with paint, charcoal, graphite, neon, ice, and Polyvitro to realize his creative vision. Ceilings with colorful projections, old wooden boats used as vessels for vibrant glass sculptures, and installations in nature and botanical settings are among the unexpected experiences he creates.
We invite you to experience the wondrous world of glass.

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