Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is delighted to announce the exhibition “AY-O SCREENPRINTS by Kenryo Sukeda” as a related project of the current exhibition “AY-O RAINBOW 88” being held in Karuizawa New Art Museum. Known as the “Rainbow Artist”, Ay-O (real name: Takao Iijima) is an internationally acclaimed artist whose works have been exhibited worldwide. Focusing on inherent multiplicity of the print, which can be also said a product of the modern civilization, Ay-O has positively adopted the print works into his creation.
Starting from copperplate engraving and lithograph, he embarked on the production of screen print from the midst 60’s because he had noticed that it would be the best medium to express the colors of Rainbow.

The late Tokuzo Okabe and Kenryo Sukeda, those who gained credibility for Ay-O, have been in charge of the whole printing process by developing solid cooperative environment*1.
This exhibition features Ay-O’s precious screen print’s collection produced by the latter, Kenryo Sukeda, who has devoted himself to the co-production with Ay-O for a half century. It would be our great pleasure if Ay-O’s intense world of rainbow could make a lasting impression on the heart of the viewers.

*1 After the death of Okabe in 2006, only Sukeda has been in charge.

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