2023.12.09 – 2024.01.13

Kazuyuki Futagawa specializes in traditional Japanese painting, and in his early years, he was influenced by some famous Japanese painters, such as Kawai Gyokudō (1873-1957), focusing on the relationship between human beings and nature. While inheriting the long history and techniques of Japanese painting, his works integrate the depth of Western light and shadow changes, possess a sense of perspective and gradation, and emerge with a unique transcendental temperament.


Humans have often echoed their aspirations many times with said phrase, ‘harmony and coexistence.’ Nature, a silent observer, has witnessed our actions.

In this solo exhibition, each painting hides the nuanced narrative of ‘harmony and coexistence’ shared between humanity and nature. Let us embark on a journey towards a sustainable future.

Kazuyuki Futagawa

Having ventured solo into the lush, deep forests of Yakushima for inspiration, Futagawa immersed himself in nature, using his senses to feel the wetness of the rain and the wind's speed to harmonize with the environment. His delicate brushstrokes capture the subtle dance between human beings and nature, while the radiant luster of mineral pigments infuses the paintings with spirituality and mystery. Balancing intense realism with an expression of the ineffable spiritual essence inherent in nature, Futagawa elevates reality into a luminous spiritual panorama.

In recent years, Futagawa has skillfully woven the silhouette of portraits into his landscape works. The people in his paintings become ephemeral passersby of nature, surrounded by blooming flowers and plants, lost amid grasslands and jungles. Their portrayal resembles the double exposure effect in film photography, imparting a rich, multidimensional depth to the two-dimensional world of his art. As one gazes at the artwork, a gradual merging occurs between the viewer and the characters, blurring the lines of reality. In this moment, one loses a sense of place, responding only with hushed breath to the profound silence, meeting the distant gaze of a small figure, and relishing in the subtle emotions captured. We invite you to immerse yourself in this harmonious coexistence with nature, cultivating a serene sanctuary amid the jungle and the stream.


2023.12.09 – 2024.01.13


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