JIANG MIAO: The Dimension of Otherness


2023.07.22 – 08.19

Whitestone Gallery Beijing is pleased to announce The Dimension of Otherness, a solo exhibition by Jiang Miao (b.1981), on view from July 22nd to August 19th, 2023. The show's title, The Dimension of Otherness, encapsulates three distinct elements. First, it refers to the uniqueness of Jiang Miao's artistic language: the artist coats the canvas with multiple layers of paint and unearths the colors through a carving knife, akin to opening a mystery box. This approach results in an unpredictable visual effect, expertly leveraging the circumstances. Secondly, it refers to the specificity of the theme of the creation, which delves into the mind’s hidden realm and the universe’s spiritual dimensions. Lastly, when we compare our daily visible experiences, the depicted scenes in Jiang's paintings appear peculiar and unfamiliar. Yet, they exist in reality and are captured, imagined, and brought to life by the artist’s boundless imagination.

Over the past twenty years, Jiang has devoted herself to studying yin and yang, the dynamics between point and line, and the interplay between energy and life. Her interpretations reflect an Eastern worldview of "the unity of heaven and man."


Jiang's artistic journey is divided into three phases: 10 years of black-and-white woodcutting, which began with studying traditional Chinese culture; spiritual landscape oil painting; and a series of works on life, recreating the soul and energy. These distinct phases present separate individuals and sacred landscapes within a shared cosmos, inviting reflection and inspiration.

Jiang Miao never uses drafts. She relies on her senses, attunes to the rhythm of breathing, and formulates a logic of life that allows her to anticipate providence. Her works traverse from darkness to brightness, from monochrome to multicolor. Through this progression, she forges an aesthetic language characterized by order and clarity, reflecting her spiritual enlightenment across various phases of life.

This exhibition will focus on the latter two phases of Jiang's artistic practice. In the Water∙Sphere series, the landscape serves as the nurturing source of life and energy. The depicted setting resonates with the artist’s childhood dreams, where the landscape, the feelings, the water temperature, and the air that enveloped her gave her a sense of safety and warmth. It symbolizes the unity of heaven, earth, and humanity—the home and life's wellspring. The various ripples in the water, the moon, and the clouds reflected in the water are childhood memories that constitute the energy packets of life. Life-themed works such as Taoist Trinity and the Self, Complete Enlightenment, Auspice, and Wordless Order recreate the soul and energy. The colorful knife-carved acrylics contain more than thirty layers of color underneath the surface of the results. Each layer witnesses the artist's encounters with different individuals, sunlight, wind, air, and temperature, as well as her emotions and sensations. These experiences are then sealed within the time capsule formed by layers of color. The circular element in the artwork represents the magnetic field, the spin (symbolizing the soul), and the essence of dots and lines. It also signifies the integration of the spiritual trinity—the spirit, the soul, and the body. Concealed beneath the various layers of color is the cycle of reincarnation emerging from Tai Chi, which releases energy in the form of light. The artist hopes viewers will receive strength from her paintings and that the moment when they turn around will perceive the world with a renewed perspective.

"Taoist Trinity and the Self"

“Taoist Trinity and the Self” Lives in a giant cosmic space that is reorganizing, leading to the gate of rebirth. It also reveals the state and process of enlightenment.

"Heavenly eyes"

“Heavenly eyes” It is revealed that one sees enlightenment and rebirth with the human and heavenly eyes, respectively. In the shape of an eye, there's a circle, representing a magnetic field, and a swirl which is a symbol of the soul, and within there are matters from point and line to plane. It also represents the reconstruction of the trinity of the soul and body and the cyclical reincarnation of Tai Chi. The colors are hidden under layers of pictures. When they are released through carving, they become the energies from light. When the works are placed horizontally, they resemble human's eyes; when they are placed vertically, they are like God's eyes. I hope when people view my works, they feel enlightened, in a state where different universes are connected, and they receive new energies. When you turn around after viewing my work, I hope you have a different perspective and thinking when you look at the world.


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“Auspice” carries the meanings of blessing, mythical animals, and the gemstones used for ancient religious practice in Chinese culture. Artworks from this series chained various symbols in oriental culture. For instance, the spiritual beast in the paintings delineates the totem of the dragon in oriental wisdom.


"∞" is the symbol for "infinity" in mathematics, and represents "eternal life" in quantum mechanics, also "time without beginning and end" in Buddhism.


“Mindfulness” The key to cracking the code with thoughts.


“Water.Sphere” The landscape nurtures the energy, and life is a replenishing home for the soul.


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JIANG MIAO: The Dimension of Otherness
2023.07.22 - 08.19


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