Yamato Power, to the world

Miwa Komatsu
Master Craftsmanship

Adopting the theme of "Yamato Power" emphasized in Miwa Komatsu’s artwork, we are thrilled to present original goods that express and share the prayers entailed in Komatsu’s works by using traditional Japanese craft, locally sourced materials, and borrowing skillful techniques from artisans.

For this purpose, we have created two jigsaw puzzles which feature Komatsu's early works, "49day’s" and a large-scale piece, "All May Become Dragons," (F200/193.9 x 259.1 cm) created in 2018. 

From the printing, to the production, and the creation of the box, this jigsaw puzzle is a culmination of Japanese craftsmanship that we take pride in making “100% MADE IN JAPAN”.

About Yamato Power

"Yamato Power" does not mean "Japanese-ness". It is the power and method of design that Japan has possessed since ancient times to combine and integrate various things.
The ability to integrate and synthesize the various cultures of the world is the power of "wa" that Japan possesses, and "Yamato Power" is the power of great harmony.

- Quote: "Finding my own role in the world"

49day’s Jigsaw Puzzle (Goods)

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All May Become Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle (Goods)

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A copperplate engraving work created in 2005, created after the passing of the artist's grandfather. The work expresses Komatsu’s view of life and death, and also helped her garner attention as an artist. The original plates were later cut by Komatsu herself.

The puzzle matches the size of the original work. The weight of the lines and the splashed patterns are replicated.

Genuine Reproduction using Ultra-detailed Scanning Technology

The original work "49day’s" was photographed using a large, ultra-detailed scanner; one of only a few in Japan for the purpose of printing this puzzle. A high-level reproduction of the work makes it possible without compromising the details which include any blurring of the original and the weight of each line. Minute environmental changes can alter the reproduction process and are therefore taken into account in order to produce colors that are faithful to the original work ー from the temperature and humidity produced that day, to the exclusive prints that have been passed through strict scrutiny.

An Unprecedented Jigsaw Puzzle

From the cut of the pieces to the backbone of the puzzle, all are original and made exclusively for “49Day’s”. The assembling of Miwa Komatsu’s work is a meditative experience in rewarding yourself with quality time and admiring the details along the way as the work comes together.

“All May Become Dragons”

A large-scale F200(193.9 x 259.1 cm) work created in 2018. 

The work depicts a carp and schools of fishes swimming upstream towards a guardian lion-dog with dragon's whiskers. It expresses the artist's belief that "everyone is born with the energy to become a dragon.” The work radiates energy in vivid oranges and gold.

Arriving at the Accurate Color Reproduction

Color proofing was performed dozens of times to reproduce the original colors. We’ve succeeded in faithfully reproducing the original work through color calibration found in repetitions of trial and error.

Brought to Life by Japanese Craftsmanship

The surface of the box is made of "shin-torinoko," a medium of Japanese paper used for fusuma sliding doors. In addition, artisan hand-stamped foils truly create a special touch that evokes the Japanese culture of “wa” or harmony.



Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1984, Komatsu graduated from Joshibi University of Art & Design, where she serves as a visiting lecturer. She is also a visiting lecturer at Tokyo University of The Arts.


Komatsu's journey to becoming a professional artist began due to overwhelming praise for her copperplate engraving titled "49day's", crafted while she was still enrolled at Joshibi University.


Although she began her career with copperplate engraving, her oeuvre has expanded to incorporate acrylic paintings and works rendered in Arita porcelain.

She is best known for her depictions of animal-like "Divine Spirits", which she creates with an abundance of expressive power.


Having delivered a shock to the Japanese art world and earned a good reputation amongst overseas art critics, Komatsu is considered one of Japan's most promising young artists.


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