Born in 1980 in Osaka, Riyoo Kim completed Master of Fine Arts course at the Osaka University of Arts in 2006, and is currently active in Kanagawa and Shiga Prefecture. Influenced by ancient ritual vessels such as Jomon earthenware and bronze vessels, Kim has garnered attention for his works that move back and forth between art and craft, reinterpreting elements from science fiction movies, robot animation, street culture, and music in his own way.

The golden texture and iridescent glaze like contemporary Tenmoku are reminiscent of metal at first glance, and they radiate a strong presence with the unique formative features. One of his significant works, the mono-eye series is expressed in order to look into “invisible matters” and “formless volumes such as the ego.” The artist also focuses on the relationship between living and beauty. While exploring the “Japanese tea ceremony” in the modern age, Kim pursues his original ceramic expression by fusing the tea ceremony with works.

Recently, he has also been involved in installation projects based on Jomon culture and mythological worldviews. As a result, Riyoo Kim is expanding his field of career further, aiming to create earthenware that will remain in the future, 10,000 years from now, by integrating images of the past and present. In addition to solo exhibitions in Japan and other large events including Yokohama Triennale, he has participated in various shows, competitions, and art fairs in many overseas countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, France, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia.



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