Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is delighted to announce Go Yayanagi’s solo exhibition, “Challenge, Right Now! Move Forward!”.

Go Yayanagi moved to Brazil and lived in São Paulo in 1957 and actively engaged in his creative activities. Later, he traveled other places such as Asia and Africa, and developed all new experiences into his art forms. In 1965, he moved to Paris and spent the next three years studying print making at Atelier 17 under S.W. Hayter, the master of copperplate printing. Yayanagi’s works have been presented at a number of exhibitions and the artist was selected as Japanese representative for the 11th São Paulo Biennale in 1971.

Yayanagi considers art as something that should exist in every living space in an impartial manner, rather than something that is prominently displayed in an ostentatious way. He successfully visualizes the social conditions of the time, combining bold composition of color planes, vivid colors produced by removing unnecessary shadows, eroticism presented in a cheerful tone, and his humor, like putting puzzle pieces together. The artist named this style as “Pop Uki” which is a combination of two words of pop art and Ukiyo-e. The abundant exoticism he experienced first hand in his youth is embodied in him, and that seems to make his art borderless beyond any logic, a long way ahead of the trend of the world.

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