Contemporary artist. Born in Kobe.
He was taken by his father from an early age and spent his weekends in the mountains. Perhaps because of that, he comes to feel the memory of the land and the existence floating in the invisible world.

He studied under Shozo Shimamoto, a former Gutai Art Association at an art school, and encountered the requiescats instrument “Tsugaru Shamisen” (Japanese guitar) while attending school. He digs into demons and mythological legends in various places with his own antenna with one hand of an instrument, and plays the shamisen in shrines and temples in various parts of Japan, sacred places in Japan and abroad, Ground Zero on 9.11, and disaster areas on 3.11.

There he began to produce his work from the experience he gained. His style, which expresses the memories and mystical experiences of his land in a pop world view, has been highly evaluated overseas such as France, the United States, and Hong Kong, and is collected in various fields.

His latest work, the Wall on Wall series, develops the world view so far, and draws a free-spirited state on the wall as a personal mural with the theme of space and ancient times, transcending national and timely, somewhere on the wall. It is produced assuming that it is listed in.




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