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At Ronald Ventura's Atelier

As a major event fitting for the dawn 2024, the Whitestone Ginza New Gallery hosts a solo exhibition by Filipino artist Ronald Ventura. The exhibition raises the theme of "Hypercar" as a medium of artistic expression, expanding the possibilities of art and cars.

On the exhibition's opening day, a special collaboration car with RWB's representative, Mr.Akira Nakai, who has fascinated not only the racing world but also car collectors worldwide, appeared.

Integrating Culture into Fascination with Speed and Power

At Artist's Atelier

Ventura, known for the complex layers of imagery and style, akin to the diverse cultures and symbols mixing in his homeland, the Philippines, which has been under the rule of Spain, Japan, the United States, and various other countries for centuries, creates "visual layers" in his works. With his high level of rendering that combines hyperrealism, comics, animation, icons, and graffiti, Ventura enables multiple different realities to coexist within his works.

Ronald Ventura《COMPETITION》2023, 50.8×40.6cm, Acrylic & polyurethane paint on carbon fiber.

Ronald Ventura, who has garnered high acclaim in Southeast Asia, is interested in "Hypercars." The artist, attracted early on by the aesthetic beauty and speed of hypercars, showcases his penchant for cars throughout his studio.

In the current exhibition, "Grey Avenue," Ventura not only focuses on hypercars but also discusses their potential as a medium of artistic expression.

Adorning the Second Skin

Wrapping Porsche for the reception exhibit.

Ventura, having been involved in the design of many hypercars, has passionately devoted himself to designing car skins as a "second skin." On the reception day, classic Porsches appeared adorned in skins specially crafted by the artist. This demonstration highlights that not only objects unilaterally appreciated in special spaces like galleries and museums are art, but also machines that captivate humans with their speed and power can embody art.

From left: Koei Shiraishi (Whitestone Gallery CEO), Ronald Ventura, Akira Nakai (RWB)

The bonnet created for the "Ronald Ventura Version" of the classic Porsche car tuning.

Art and Cars: Their Common Ground

Artist's Atelier

During an interview in his studio, the artist expressed, "I'm very fascinated with the experience of the speed how you handle the speed with precision and control. So it's the same as my painting. Because sometimes you're going to clash some images in the process and you can also see the manipulations of the techniques combined with different layers inspired from cultural and historical facts, including pop culture," explaining the similarities between his works and cars.

Sketches drawn on the studio wall. Various artwork designs overlap like layers.

Many of the artist's skins stem from his three-dimensional works combining animals and humans. Both the chimeral series and hypercars have high speeds and strong power. Because we live in a technologically advanced age, pure, primitive "power" has a powerful appeal.

Ronald Ventura: Grey Avenue

Ronald Ventura's solo exhibition "Grey Avenue" will be held at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery until February 17, 2024. You can also watch an interview video online to catch a glimpse of the entire studio.


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