Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce Shimizu Haruman ‘s solo exhibition “Shimizu Haruman: I am a Paradise”. This is the first large-scale solo show of the artist who has participated in various public exhibitions and group shows both domestically and internationally over thirty years. The representative works from her long career will be gathered here, in KaNam.

Following intuitionally any images sprung from her fingertips, Haruman creates her unique, dynamic world. The world that is sometimes even beyond her limit of imagination is called a “paradise field” according to the artist herself. It is the unexpected world pf expression brimmed with not only happiness and humor, free from any trouble and suffering, but also mercy and longing for peace overflowed from the bottom of her heart.
Angels put into realistic drawing without any hesitation, glittering universe in jet-black darkness—we sincerely hope all visitors that this exhibition will be an opportunity to feel and enjoy a “paradise as ever-lasting hope” created by Haruman Shimizu in the transitional period from Heisei to a new era.

Shimizu Haruman
Born in Nagasaki Prefecture, lives in Saitama
1980 Began to study art under Minoru Tanaka, Japan Fine Art Exhibition (Nitten) Membership and Selector
1983 Made her Debut at Kenia Gallery new artists show, Japan
1995 Participated in Le Salon (permanent membership after being continuous selected as a member of Société des Artistes Français)
2016, 2017, 2018 Consecutive prize-winning at Salon d’automne

Société des Artistes Français permanenet membership
Visiting member of i.m.a (International Modern Art Exposition)