Whitestone Gallery Tokyo is pleased to announce the exhibition “The CATS!!” by Tatsuya Nishimura on the 6th floor of the gallery. Starting with the Karuizawa New Art Museum in 2020, it will be a traveling exhibition following the New Art Lab (Kyobashi).

The theme is “cat.” For Nishimura, “The CATS!!” is the first attempt to feature an animal as a single motif. The main motif, “cat,” is simplified and abstracted, and developed as a unique visual image. Black and gold tighten the colored surface which drawn by vivid primary colors like red and blue. There are some variations on the background such as national flags and specific patterns, but what they have in common is that there are rhythms and harmonies, and the repetition of images is reminiscent of dance steps. The appearance of the cats drawn with supple curves reflects the musicality of the artist who loves to enjoy jazz dance.

Please enjoy the exciting world of Tatsuya Nishimura who pursues pure entertainment in spite of nowadays tendency that is apt to be arcane or conceptual.

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