Interview with Fabien Verschaere|Literature and Mystique in His Works

July 29, 2022
Hong Kong

Fabien Verschaere in production.

Le French May, a major event to introduce French culture to Hong Kong. Whitestone Gallery H Queen's presented "Contrasting Confluences", a group exhibition by French artists Clément Denis and Fabien Verschaere and Japanese artist Karen Shiozawa, as a joint project of the 30th "Le French May".

This time we would like to introduce one of them, Fabien Verschaere. The interview is about Fabien Verschaere's work, which is full of mystery, fairytale-like worldviews, and how much he treasures nature and literature.

From the exhibition view

ーWhat is your core (commitment in production) ?

My work is a quest linked to geography, it is a gestural search for a territory, a space, a way. I am not an extremist looking for a specific scenery but for an interiority, the shaping of a fantasy realm without borders or structure. it's going back to the concept of substance, trusting in a natural path that emerges.

ーTell us about your muse(s).

Poetry is not manufactured, rather it comes to you like a wind that blows, telling you the story of the world. I like to believe that what inspires me is nothing other than a transformation from what I see as necessary to be universal.

The artist's necrosis doesn't affect me so much as the subject matter, but the writing with which we work. I strongly believe in calligraphy because it makes mythology out of the invisible and the muse becomes overall.

Fabien Verschaere in production. Many paints are available next to the painting.

ーCan you share with us your essentials and must-have materials in your creation process?

I mainly use watercolor and Korean traditional paint from the brand SHINHAN. I have been an ambassador of their brand for three years. Their colors have been over pigmented and the opera pink is amazing.

I enjoy the organic aspect of the stuff, it's a work that comes and goes with the water like the journey of the nomadic people, it's the spirit of the wilderness.

ーWhat does your daily routine look like?

My life is full of experiences, if I don't create it, I work in my studio trying to play with artworks according to my language.


ーWhen you feel uninspired / in a creative block, how do you overcome it?

Not having any thoughts, looking around and creating your own mythology, daily life is a fairy tale. What allows me to breathe is hopefully a new day, another story line. That's what gets me through the difficulties.

ーPlease share your future endeavors.

My future is only a succession of a past which has been nourished by extraordinary encounters. Now I would like to be straightforward in revealing literary works like Donquichotte or Alice in Wonderland. A future where I perform and revisit well-known pieces of literature.

Fabien Verschaere《Mike Mickey》2021, 80.0 × 60.3cm, Paper, Watercolor

ーLastly, what would you like to do for your next exhibition, or what is already in progress?

There are several projects this year : the ceiling of the Olympic village for Paris 2024, a solo exhibition at BRUGIER RIGAIL gallery in Paris, two exhibitions in Seoul and a wall painting project in Kinshasa.

Fabien Verschaere in production

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