Born in 1961 at Fukuoka/Japan. As the world is becoming less and less tolerant along with the progress of information technology, she wants to create “a holy place where people recover and become aware of their identity,” which has been the basis of her creative activities and also the inevitability of her artworks. Japanese traditional aesthetic sense called “Wabi and Sabi” is embedded as small elements in the small world (miniature garden) created by her. By being given the outer forces such as vibration, pressure, media transform, etc., these elements are transformed. As our identity is projected on the elements, our nostalgic sense constructing ourselves are stimulated by the metamorphosis of the elements (=ourselves). The is the reason why her artworks have been evaluated as “Zen oriented” and, therefore, her artworks aim to release ourselves and our surrounding environment and world as well.

She received PhD degree on Art and Technology from the University of Tokyo in 1999. She was Fellow Artist at CAVS (Center for Advanced Visual Studies) of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2002-2004. In 2005 she joined Kyoto University, was Professor at Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies in 2005-2010, Professor at Institute for Information Management and Communications, and is now Professor at Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS). Received many international and domestic awards. Her collaborations with experts in different genres, such as with Ippei Shigeyama (Noh performer), Ryuho Sasaoka (school master of Mishoryu Sasaoka Ikebana School), Toshinori Kondoh (trumpeter), have been highly evaluated. Nominated as Japan Cultural Envoy by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in 2016. Has published many books such as “Cultural Computing” (2009 NTT Publishing), “TOSA RIMPA” (2015, Tankohsha Publishing), “Cross Cultural Computing: An Artist Journey” (2016 Springer), etc.

First prize at L’Oreal Grand Prix(1997); Accepted for Interactive Art section Award in ARS Electronica(2000); Second prize for Nabi Digital Storytelling Competition of Intangible Heritage, by Art Center Nabi under the official endorsement of UNESCO(2004); Display of digital art work with a huge LED screen for Yeosu Marine EXPO in Korea, honored by EXPO 2012 committee; Good Design Award Japan by projection mapping “Sound of Ikebana”(2014), etc.

Invited to participate “New Video Japan” (MoMA, 1986); Video art “An Expression” was entered in permanent collection of MoMA(2011); Permanent exhibit of “An Expression” at MoMA Media Lounge(2012-13); Solo exhibition of “Sound of Ikebana” (Art Science Museum in Singapore, 2013); Projection Mapping “Tosa Rimpa:21st Century Legend of Wind God & Thunder God”(Rimpa School 400th anniversary with Ippei Shigeyama -Kyogen performer- and Ryuho Sasaoka- school master of Mishoryu Sasaoka Ikebana School- , Kyoto National Museum, 2015); Selected for “Artist of April” of Times Square Midnight Project (New York, 2017), etc.

Selected Artworks

  • Moon Flower

  • Space Flower

  • Genesis Green