After completing late doctoral program at the Department of Painting of Tokyo University of the Art in 2005, Kozaki teaches at his alma mater and Joshibi University of Art and Design. Currently the artist is associate professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design. As is well known, Kozaki is influenced by Hieronymus Bosch and Nanban Byoubu: his characteristics consist in its massive details and quantity. Kozaki’s representative work TOUGEN intends literally to utopia like an earthly paradise called tougen-kyo in Japanese, however, all beings meticulously represented in every detail, whether they are fictive or non fictive figures, have an overwhelming presence to the viewer. Kozaki’s vast cosmic view beyond any religious boundary achieves a quite new dimension while it reminds the viewer of Mandala. After experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake, the artist engages in the production of Tohoku Painting, which is peculiar to the disaster area, Tohoku region. The works of Kozaki are exhibited not only at international art fairs in New York, London, Mexico, etc., also in domestic market.

Tokyo University of the Art, Chuo University (Tokyo), Rubin Museum of Art (New York), The Plaza Hotel New York, St. Regis Hotel (Osaka), etc.

Selected Artworks

  • TOUGEN NO. 66

  • TOUGEN No. 69