1924 – 2008

Considered as pioneer of Japanese action painting, Kazuo Shiraga is the most recognized GUTAI artists in overseas. Shiraga’s creation executed by spreading paints with his feet while suspended from a rope, and his trace of action left as thick accumulation of paints on the surface are surprisingly dynamic but full of stoicism at the same time. Before participating in GUTAI in 1955, the artist had already activities as a member of “zero society” with Atsuko Tanaka, Akira Kanayama, and Saburo Murakami. Michel Tapié, French critique, also originator of Art Informel, which hailed around art world at that time, highly appreciates Shiraga’s talent. The artist enters in Buddhist priesthood at Enryakuji-Temple at Hieizan Mountain (receives Buddhist name Sodo Shiraga). In 1993, Shiraga takes part in Venice Biennial. His work continues to fascinate art collectors around the world.

The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo), The Ashiya City Museum of Art & History (Hyogo, Japan), Pompidou Centre (Paris), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, USA), Museé Cantini (Marseille, France), etc.

Selected Artworks

  • Onkurodanau Unjaku

  • Untitled BB64

  • Untitled BB92