1905 – 1972

Founder and mentor of Gutai Art Association, Japanese postwar avant-garde group: GUTAI pursued the way of innovative art by appealing direct on materiality itself. Its slogan is known as “Don’t copy anyone”. In 1960, Yoshihara creates a number of works composed of a bold circle spread over a plane background of canvas. The artist develops this motif in his own exquisite way and becomes to be highly appreciated from overseas. The innovativeness of Yoshihara’s circle is its no philosophical meaning. It is only chosen for convenience. Yoshihara goes far in liberating art from any stereotypes and he has kept absolute influence on GUTAI members.

The National Museum of Art (Osaka), Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo), The National Museum of Modern Art (Kyoto), The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama(Kanagawa, Japan), etc.

Selected Artworks

  • Circle

  • Untitled

  • Work