1929 – 1986

Aine Kinashi aims to be a musician (artist name “Aine” phonetically derives from the well-known piece of Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik”, from the first word of the piece), but he switches over to a career in painter while studying at Osaka School of Music (presently Osaka College of Music). With Masaya Sakamoto, Kinashi establishes avant-garde art group “Delta” and “Tempo” in 1950s. Kinashi joins to Gutai Art Association in 1965 as one of already established artists in the art scene of Kansai region. Kinashi explores musical effects through his work bringing sense of rhythmical movement and different shades of blue colors, also by adding gold and metal powders to oil: it makes him a stylistically distinct figure among other Gutai artists who make the most of dynamism and strong warm colors influenced by Art Informel. After a certain period of interval (to devote to musical education for children), the artist comes back to creation in 1977 and leaves many large-scale works.

Ashiya City Museum of Art and History (Hyogo, Japan), Karuizawa New Art Museum (Nagano, Japan), etc.

Selected Artworks

  • Untitled KA-1

  • Untitled KA-2

  • Untitled KA-8